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The Most Attractive Force

by Universal Theory

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BEFORE SUNRISE Music & Lyrics By Jesús Pinilla At Night Across Its Beauty And Dark Lights, Magic And Stars Shining And Finding Fantasies Discovering Its Mysteries There Is Energy There Is Synergy After Nightfall In These Places Hypnotic Sounds In Phases Waiting For A Mystic Way Where I Can Feel The Lovely Rain You And Me An Eternal Kiss Open And Let Me Break Into Your Dreams Eternity Immortality In The Gleam Of The Moonlight Before Sunrise If You Are Looking For Find Me On The Floor Dancing Under Roars I Would Like More Open That Door In Silence And No Words Follow My Storm So Give Me More, Give Me More Red Lights Are Falling Red Lights Are Crossing Red Lights Are Shining Red Lights Are Blinding Tonight…It´s Tonight Red Lights Are Burning Red Lights Are Bursting It´s Getting Closer It´s Getting Closer It´s Getting Closer It´s Getting Closer Tonight…Before Sunrise
SOMEWHERE ELSE Music & Lyrics By Jesús Pinilla Close Your Eyes Across The Sky Every Night And Feel Inside Far From Here There´s No Tears A Place No Fear And It Breathes So Clear Maybe There We Can Create Our Own World And Beauty Space Feeling And Finding Energy Drawing And Painting Fantasies There Will Be A Silent Peace There Will Be A Divine Bliss Let Your Spirit Raise Let Your Spirit Fly
UNFINISHED DESIRE Music & Lyrics By Jesús Pinilla I Still Feel You I Still Wish For You It Is In The Air Now, Here And There I´ve Felt And Kissed Your Lips I´ve Felt Your Smooth Skin You´ve Felt And Caught My Hands We Can Never Forget I Guess Some Day We Could Play This Game I Wanna Take You Away Show Me The Way So Look At My Face I See It In Your Gaze Our Wish Behind Our Breath Your Body Burns On Me Unfinished Fire Unfinished Desire Unfinished Fire Unfinished Desire We Had Not Gone Too Far But One Kiss Drive Us Bad Unfinished Fire Unfinished Desire I´ll Take You Higher Cause I Feel I Still Feel Your Breeze I Still Feel The Past I Still Feel Your Lust How I´d Wish I´d Wish To Kiss To Kiss You Again And Again
THE MOST ATTRACTIVE FORCE Music & Lyrics By Jesús Pinilla Traveling Through The Endless Time Overcoming The Speed Of Light Penetrating In Your Hate Eradicating All Your Pain It Feels Like Gravity It Feels Like Purity Love Me Tonight And Every Night The Most Attractive Force Comes From Inside Keep This Love Above Your Cross The Most Attractive Force Comes From Your World Dwelling In The Deepest Part Of Your Being And Your Heart Leaving Behind Your Frozen Tears Breaking Up Your Darkest Fears Memories Stay Alive Love Will Never Die Love Me Tonight And Every Night The Most Attractive Force Comes From Inside Keep This Love Above Your Cross The Most Attractive Force Comes From Your World
Romance I 03:47
ROMANCE I Music & Lyrics By Jesús Pinilla Rainy Saturday A Journey Through The Fate Emotions In My Head Trapped Me With Every Step With Every Stare With Every Glare It Is Cold Outside It Is Hot Inside Between Walls And Drinks Our Minds Can Be Free With Every Action With Every Motion The City Is Calling Us The City Is Covering Us The Light Is Going Down The Light Is Fading Now Now Before Sleeping Star A New Beginning Now Before Leaving Stay Together Dreaming Breaking This Judgment Living This Moment The City Is Calling Us The City Is Covering Us The Light Is Going Down The Light Is Fading Now But We Fall Into This Love And We Sin Under Our Skin Now I Walk, I Hope
DEEPER THAN YOU KNOW Music & Lyrics By Jesús Pinilla Now It´s Time To Suffer This Life Now It´s Time To Walk And Cry Stay In My Mind Stay In The Night It´s Deeper Deeper Than Before Deeper Thank You Know No People, No Light Slowly Inside With Scars And Tears Which Fall Through The Years Spelling The Fate Keeping The Pain It´s Deeper Deeper Than Before Deeper Thank You Know In The Deepest Of Your Soul You Will Find YourSelf So Alone
Romance II 03:46
ROMANCE II Music & Lyrics By Jesús Pinilla A Peaceful Day Has Dawned Upon Us After An Instense High The Sheets Off The Bed Still Cover Us After An Intense Night We Can Still Remember Those Talks Again And Again Those Words Those Glows So Slow Candles Aglow Thoughts Invade Us OverNight And In The Morning Light We Can Still Hear Those Sounds Again And Again All Around Hands Down All Around Here And Now GodSend Here Comes The Ascent We Lost Ourselves Here Comes Again Ask Yourself Is This Has Begun Ask Yourself Is This Is Being Romance Romance Love Mends Romance Love Rends GodSend Here Comes Again... Concupiscence... This Is Not The End...
THE WALL OF DARKNESS Music & Lyrics By Jesús Pinilla Dreams Are Gone Tears Will Come But My Wish Remains I Want To Know Your Name Life Ends With This The More I See I Can Feel This Nothingness The Wall Of Darkness I Don´t Know I Don´t Know Why I´m Here But It Feels And It Feels So Real I Don´t Need I Don´t Need To Belong Here But I Dream But I´d Wish To Be Far From Here And It Feels And It Feels And It´s Over And It´s Over And It Feels And It Feels And It´s Over And It´s Over And It´s Darker And It´s Darker And It´s Darker…
Light Vein 01:55
Light Vein (Instrumental) Music by Beth Hart


On their second full length release UNIVERSAL THEORY offers up brighter and louder guitars, combining a heavier, more intense sound with a deeper and more melodic Gothic Metal atmosphere. Once again Maria Jose Martos returns with to perform the female vocals. The new album closes with the collaboration of Pianist Beth Hart on the closing track Light Vein.

This CD features 9 tracks and a 12 page booklet with full lyrics.

"The Most Attractive Force"
Release Date: August 24th, 2015

Full Track List
1. Before Sunrise
2. Somewhere Else
3. Unfinished Desire
4. The Most Attractive Force
5. Romance I
6. Deeper Than You Know
7. Romance II
8. The Wall Of Darkness
9. Light Vein

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released August 24, 2015

Line Up
Jesús Pinilla: Vocals, Instruments & Programming
María José Martos: Vocals

All Music & Lyrics Written By Jesús Pinilla
Except "Light Vein" Music By Beth Hart
Produced, Mixed, Engineered & Mastered By Jesús Pinilla
Cover Photo By Lucia Molina
Layout By Jesús Pinilla
Photos By Sandra Blanco & Lucia Molina

Special Thanks to:
Sandra Herranz
Guillermo Rodríguezz
Beth Hart (Lyrical Assistance)
Alvaro González & José Alberto Pérez


all rights reserved



Universal Theory Madrid, Spain

Universal Theory is a musical studio project created in 2011 by Jesús Pinilla Hoyas and is based on one idea: “The Pleasure of Searching”
The Music – Atmospheric, Melancholic, Romantic, Passionate, With Dark Passages - is composed from lyrics inspired by personal experiences and thoughts.

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